Samsung Galaxy I7500

I got into the hype and bought this as my first android phone.

It's a cute phone with some nifty features. It runs the google android system, which is nice since the system is pretty easy on the programmer. And I bought it mostly for programming and playing.

How do I like thee?

The phone in itself has nice specs for a 2 year old smartphone. And it served me well for a year or so until I got the Nexus one. The worst thing about this phone was the very short and unpredictable battery life which samsung never managed to solve.

Unfortunately this phone has a few problems. The first one being that awful samsung utility you need to install on a windows computer to be able to update the phone. I run Linux, so this sucks.

Actually it turned out not to be much of a problem since samsung decided to abandon this model. So my galaxy is still stuck on Android 1.5. Because of this I mostly use the galaxy for backwards compatibility testing.

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