Big Brother GPS, Android GPS position reporting app.

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This is a simple app that runs in the background of your android and reports your position to whatever website you have configured.

The program wakes up every few minutes, reads your position from the GPS or the cellular networks and sends it using HTTP POST to a URL you have specified.

Your position is sent using the parameters "latitude=...", "longitude=..." and the accuracy of the reading in meters is sent in the parameter "accuracy=...".

If you have set the secret parameter in the application preferenses the secret specified will be sent in the "secret=..." POST parameter.

You can configure the app to send battery status in the post request. Status is sent as "battlevel=..." the number sent is the battery level in percent. The charging state is sent as "charging=1" if the battery is charging, and as "charging=0" if it is not.

There are some simple PHP files provided to demonstrate how to collect the information, and display it on a google map.


The app has a changelog in "menu->changelog".

Downloads, web site code, etc

Sites using BBG


GIT Repo

  • git clone


Privacy Policy

BigBrother GPS does not and cannot collect any personal data about you or your phone and send it to any third party.

Since BBG only communicates with your own servers and will never communicate or send data to other servers than the one you have configured BBG will never collect or distribute your data outside your control.


This code is licensed under GPL Ver 2

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