SBGP - Simple BGP Library in Scala

SBGP is a simple scala library useful for creating BGP clients for statistics gathering or other BGP related activities.
SBGP supports IPv4, IPv6 and 32bit AS numbers.
SBGP also contains a simple routing table implementation that may be used by clients to support ip/prefix queries (See the ShowMe example program provided in the source code)


Scaladoc documentation for SBGP is avaliable below.
The source tar contains a few examples in the src/main/scala/example/ directory.

You will need SBT 0.11+ for building the sources. SBT and a start script for unix systems is provided in the root directory of the source tree.

SBGP requires Netty 3.3.1+ to run. SBT automatically downloads dependencies when compiling from source however if you use the precompiled jar files you will need to download Netty and put it in your classpath.




  • Better error handling
  • Encoding (sending) of UPDATE messages
  • Hold timer improvements
  • Improve web page


BZR Repository

You can check out the entire source code for BBG from the public bzr repository available here:


These files are generated each night, so if you don't find the latest version here just wait a day and it will appear.


This code is licensed under GPL Ver 2

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