WebFrame - Simple secure python web framework

This is a simple web framework written in python that I wrote because I didn't like any of the other ones I found. None of them did things the way I like, none of them did anything to help you write secure apps and few of them had any good translation support.

So this is basically my take on how to do things. You will not find many fancy things here, and the framework is not meant to work for everyone in every case, but feel free to use it if it does what you need.

It is written for my needs and my systems. Therefore it has some limitations and some esoteric things. Most notably, it will only run under mod_python. And I strongly recommend that each site be put in its own server or at least made to run under a separate user account.


  • It works the way I want it to.
  • All user defined handlers and functions require that an ACL is defined for them to minimize the risk of accidentally forgetting to do security checks in the functions themselves.
  • Language translation support.
  • Persistent cache daemon to lessen the database load.
  • Possibility to trigger handlers based on GET/POST parameters.
  • Support for XML and JSON transport formats.
  • Support for '.wf' URI description files so you can mix HTML templates and python handlers in the same URI namespace.
  • Uses the Jinja 2 template engine
  • Runs under mod_python.
  • Sparsely documented using pydoc



As of 2008-11-08 this code is licensed under GPL Ver 2

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