Sometimes I get creative. Sometimes I manage to create something that I don't mind sharing with other people. This page contains some of those creations.
More creative stuff can be found all around the site. For example the photos page and the radio page.

Keep in mind that I usually get creative when I'm bored and feeling slightly insane...

Simple linear algebra helpers in scala.
A few simple tools for linear algebra. Mostly useful for me when I was learning more linear algebra.
SBGP - Simple BGP Library in Scala
SBGP is a simple scala library useful for creating BGP clients for statistics gathering or other BGP related activities.
This is a simple app that runs in the background of your android and reports your position to whatever website you have configured.
A radio signal / DSP playground that I write to learn about DSP and radio signal processing. This is a spinoff / rewrite of pydsp.
A FM radio transmitter implemented in software.
Web application framework written in Python to do things the way I think they should be done.
Connecting a 3com NBX system to the real world
The 3com NBX pbx system is quite limited in the kinds of hardware and protocols it supports. This describes how I connected a NBX phone system to a ISDN fax server and a SIP provider.
"PUSH"-based webchat demo
This is a simple webchat system with really no fancy stuff. It's written in JavaScript+html. No plugins, no flash, no java.
This client uses a persistent connection to the server to receive messages in real time. It doesn't have to poll the server for new messages like most other webchat systems.
Varför extremt våld är nödvändigt vid nätverksadministrering V2.5(SWEDISH)
A somewhat BOFH-inspired text on the necessity of using violence when managing a computer network. This text is in swedish, my appologies to people who don't speak swedish. Maybe I'll translate it someday.
Audio QPSK modem
This is a simple implementation of a QPSK modem. I wrote it because I needed some experience with digital modulation. This is now a part of pydsp (below)
The best way to learn DSP and comms is to implement it. So while learning I'm implementing a small python DSP toolkit. Currently it has some FIR-filters a few simple modulators/demodulators and lots and lots of experimental crap.
Asterisk / OpenPBX
Collection of Asterisk and/or OpenPBX patches I've made.
This is a small collection of all the pictures I have taken.
Programmable RGB-Tie
A variation on the one below
Programmable Tie
Designed this for a friend who never actually bothered to build one so I'm not sure if it works...
Binary clock
I never bothered to finish this one. And the clock I build isn't exactly like the schematic (don't forget a crystal! Internal oscillators are crap!). But it almost works =)
The Burgomat
My first attempt at writing a parser. This is a simple recursive-descent parser for hamburger orders. It uses listlike structures for data on different meals, burgers, drinks and stuff. It accepts a string in the grammar defined in the file burgomat.bnf(ok, so I'm not that good with grammars yet), and returns a nested linked list with your order. You can try it with the string "Order(std) { chb+s; 2CC-i; }", which means, a cheeseburger with extra salt, and two cokes without ice. BTW: I know this is a totally useless thing, but I wanted to write a parser, and didn't think of anything better.
This one is also in swedish. My last assignment in a Human-Computer Interaction class was to create a homepage about something, this is it. As you all plainly see I suck at creating hompages, so don't expect too much. I wasn't serious at all when writing this btw. It's based om a simillar project written by me and a friend.
Nullus Secundus
A Checkers-playing program written by me and tvo friends, Magnus Borg and Peter Thim, as an assignment in Artificial Intelligence. This program participated in the TAI-Championships at Lund university. Unfortunately, due to an error on our part we didn't score as high as we should have. The name is a tribute to our enormous egos.
Neural Network
A simple implementation of a fully-connected feedforward neural network. It doesn't contain any executable, just some functions for playing with the net. Happy learning =)
A simple calculator that handles mathematical expressions containing +-/* and (). I wrote it because I wanted to implement an operator-precedence parser.
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